Vyacheslav Titov


Doctor of Technical Science

(1996) in the specialty 05.07.04. – technology of aircraft production. The topic of the dissertation is “Technology of plastic forming of structural elements of aircraft made of metal and metal-polymer composites”. Senior researcher in the specialty 05.07.04 (1997). Professor at the Department of Mechanics of Plasticity of Materials and Resource-Saving Processes of NTUU “KPI” (2005). He graduated from NTUU “KPI” Department of metal deformation processes in 1972. He worked from 1972 to 2003 at the Ukrainian Research Institute of Aviation Technology as an engineer to a researcher. From 1995 to 2002 he worked as the Deputy Director General of the Research Center “Aviation Materials” of OJSC UKRNIAT. Specialist in the following areas: 1. Processes of metal processing by pressure; 2. Technology of aircraft production; 3. Processes of manufacturing a structure from composite materials; 4. Aviation materials science. The main direction of scientific activity – Resource-saving technologies of diagnostics of a technical condition, maintenance of a resource and operational reliability of products of mechanical engineering by technological methods. Author of 5 monographs, more than 120 scientific works, including more than 40 copyright certificates.

Email: vat.kpi@gmail.com

Profile in Intellect:  Тітов Вячеслав Андрійович